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संकाय सदस्य

भारतीय रेल विद्युत इंजीनियरिंग संस्थान, नासिक रोड


   Phone : +91-253-2462545/2462546      Fax  : +91-253-2462548    Email :irieen@irieen.railnet.gov.in

संकाय सदस्य (FACULTY MEMBERS)



श्री मधुकर मेश्राम

E-mail :






नाम तथा पदनाम

(सर्व श्री)




क्षेत्र (Area)




वरिष्ठ प्राध्यापक(प्रशासन)

E-mail :





CourseCoordinator :

i) M.Tech Programme for IRSEE Probationers,
ii) Project Allotment to IRSEE probationers for M Tech and its monitoring.
iii) Special Courses for IRSEE Probationers

1Selected topics on i) 3 phase loco ii) 3 phase EMU/MEMU iii) TRO iv) M Tech Related issues for Seminar, Project etc. v) Vision 2020 / 2035
Maintenanceof Existing Infrastructure

i) Personnel and Budget Management.

ii) Assets Management including Vehicles.

iii) Trg. Calendar – Utilisation of Trg. Capacity.

iv) Appellate Authority for RTI.

v) Coordination with FMs on Academic matters, vi)Communication facilities.

i) Upgradation of infrastructure facilities of ORH, Institute and Hostel

ii) Development of teaching aids at IRIEEN.

iii) Interface with outsiders on Professional matters.

iv) Improvement in lighting, including Colony lighting, improvement in water supply arrangements.

v) To coordinate for completion and functioning of Supervisors Training Centre

vi) To be assisted by PSTC and Lect. for Planning of works.


प्रदीप जैन

वरिष्ठ प्राध्यापक(मेंनेजमैंट)

E-mail :



CourseCoordinator :

i)Courses for SAG Officers.

ii) Silver Jubilee Course for IRSEE.

iii) Personality Development.

iv) SPDP Course

iv) Electrical Energy & Cost Reduction (EECR).

v) Energy Conservation, GRIHA & ECBC Code, Green Building, N&RE.
 i) Train accidents

ii) RE Projects

iii) Energy Management

iv) Any other subject as and when required.

iv) ) Green Buildings, ECBC & Energy Conservation.

Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure

i) Posting and updation of web portal of IRIEEN

 ii) Energy Management related Laboratories.

 iii) Publication of IRIEEN journal

New Developments

i) Development of Lab for non-conventional energy

ii) Training of Trainers


वरिष्ठ प्राध्यापक(जीएस)

E-mail :



Course Coordinator :
i) Train Lighting & AC includingLHB coaching General Services.

 ii) 2 weeks Energy Audit for Officers & Probationers conducted by NPC.

 iii) Contracts & Arbitration.

 iv) PPP


i) TL &AC including LHB Coaches.

 ii) General Services

 iii) Contract and arbitration.

v) PPP

vi) Energy Audit.

Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure
i) Incharge of TL&AC Lab.

 ii) Incharge of GS Lab.

 iii) Up Mukhya Raj Bhasha Adhikari.

 iv) Coordination with Principal/STC for TL&AC related course in STC
New Developments

i) Development of TL/AC Lab.

 ii) Development of GS Lab.

 iii) Development of Computer based modules for TL & AC and GS.

iv) Upkeep of Hostel Mess assisted by Lecturer Shri C.M. Rawat, Hostel Policy & Mess Policy coordination.



वरिष्ठ प्राध्यापक(पीओ)

E-mail :



 Course Coordinator :

i) IRSEE Probationers Training
ii) One week appreciation course for probationers of other Services.
iii) Special Courses for IRSEE Probationers
iv) Quality, Inspection of Materials.

i) Material Science & Metallurgy of Rly. Materials.

ii) Quality, Condition Monitoring & Testing (DT&NDT).

iii) Power Quality & Motivation.

iv)Statistical performance of Electrical deptt in perspective

Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure

i) Instrumentation Laboratories.
ii) Material Testing Laboratories. 
iii) Academics. 
iv) Library
New Developments
i) Laboratory for testing of materials.
ii) To represent IRIEEN in UNDP meetings when nominated by Director.
iii) Sports and Cultural activities. Development of Sports Infrastructure.




एन. मनोहरराव


E-mail :



Course Coordinator :

i) Conventional Locos.
ii) 3 Phase Locos.
iii) Advancement in Motive power in IR.
iv) CBT Software courses.
v) CBT courses.


i) Conventional Locos
ii) 3 Phase Locos.
iii) CBT Courses
Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure

i) Deal with Tenders as nominated by Director.
ii) Coordination with Principal/STC (AP/PSTC) for conducting EMU/MEMU courses.
iii) Coordination with Lecturer for conducting TRO Courses.
New Developments
i) Development of modules on “Accident Management” for Electrical Officers.
ii) Development of computer Based Modules for TRS & TRO



हिंमांशु कुमार सिंह
प्राध्यापक(इलेक्ट्निक्स )

E-mail :




Course Coordinator :
i) Electronics Courses.Teaching:

(ii) All subjects related to special Electronics.

i) IC Course subjects wherever required.

ii) Conduct special M Tech classes for Probationers

Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure

i) Electronics Lab
ii) Computer Lab
iii) Deal with Tenders as nominated by Director.

New Developments
Coordinator for Supervisors Automation & Technology Course with PSTC.
To deal with the tender and management execution of 3-phase loco simulator 
Incharge of Officers’ club.





E-mail :


Course Coordinator :

i) TRD Courses.

ii) IC course for Group ‘B’ Officers;

iii) Railway Electrification Courses iv)Courses on TRD & Design of OHE IRSOD

v) CBT Courses


i)All subjects related to TRD(PSI)

ii) Various TRD (OHE) subjects.

iii) IC Course subjects wherever required.

iv) Conduct special M Tech classes for Probationers
Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure
TRD Lab)


Coordinator for TRD related courses for Supervisor’s Training Institute with PSTC.

 ii) To develop TRD Lab 




सहायक प्राध्यापक

E-mail :


Course Coordinator :

i) Courses on EMUs/MEMUs.
ii) Emerging Technology for Metros.
iii) Principal, Incharge of STC (PSTC).


i) All subjects of EMUs, MEMUs & Train sets.

ii) Supervisors Courses.

Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure

i) Deal with SS Level TCs.
ii) Supervisory Institute Loco Lab, TRD Lab., etc.

Incharge of Supervisors Training Centre and its functioning.
Coordinator for Energy Audit courses in Supervisor Institute.
Infrastructure development issues for IRIEEN and STC



E-mail :


Course Coordinator :
i) Traction Operation (TRO)
ii) Meditation Course whenever conducted.
iii)Training of Trainers.


All subjects of TRO & Computer

Maintenance of Existing Infrastructure

i) Treasurer, IREE.
ii) Hostel and ORH room allotment and other hostel matters including Mess
iii) PIO.
iv) Dealing with personnel & Establishment matters of staff 
v) Liasion with Finance  

i) Assist SP(A) in General Administration
ii) Assist SP(GS) in Management ofHostel Mess & Hostel maintenance.
iv) Infrastructure development issues for IRIEEN and STC

Source : IRIEEN CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 22-07-2017  

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